March Message

We have emerged from the “deep freeze” that we experienced in February. Many things ceased to function when the temperatures dipped down to -17 degrees below zero.  My car objected when we asked it to start and it sounded awful. The ice melt on the walkways refused to work and our coats felt inadequate as we journeyed outside to take care of our business.  It was a record setting cold spell but it did not stop our love for God or one another. 

This month we will set our clocks forward one hour on the 14th and welcome the first day of Spring on the 20th.  Palm Sunday will be on March the 28th and this brings an invitation to our Haysville Ministerial Association’s, community wide Palm Sunday Service.  This will be an outdoor service and the location will be announced later.

I encourage you to continue to read and enjoy our daily devotionals.  Please try to carve out some time for these and I encourage you to do the suggested journaling. 

It’s so exciting to see Easter approaching and the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!  We are very encouraged by the decreasing numbers of covid-19 cases in our community and the increasing numbers of individuals attending our in-person worship services. 

Happy Spring…We hope to see you all soon and may God bless you!