August 2023 Message

Many years ago, when I was searching for a solid program for the church to lead our children to know and love the Lord, I searched for models.  I ask, who is already doing this today?  Who is using the Bible to bring kids to Christ?  Who is having success in leading kids to Christ in today’s world?  Are there any models out there that we could implement here at the church that would help us reach out into our community with the healing touch of God?  It was in the midst of this search that God revealed to me AWANA.  And the rest is history. 

So why do we need models?  So, we don’t give up hope.  So, we don’t follow the example of the world.  So, we don’t get tricked into accepting false truths.  We need models of faith so we can keep the bar high and allow God to influence our lives for the better.  So, we can properly raise our children.  So, we can have successful marriages.  So, we can share the Good News with everyone we meet. 

And so, I ask every person as you look at your life today in search for a model to better your life, Is it possible to live life without; Lying, Smoking, Drunkenness, Cheating, Abusing Drugs, Television, Pornography, losing our tempers, gossiping, hating our neighbor? 

Is it possible to live life without…. ___________.  You fill in the blank.  Jesus came to redeem our lives and be our model.  And all things become possible when we believe!

Thanks be to God for looking upon us with compassion and not with anger and disgust. 

Thanks be to God for sending His one and only Son to model for us how to live.

Thanks be to God for making a way where there was no way.

Thanks be to God for being willing to live in us and transform us into models for Him.

Thanks be to God for never changing.

Thanks be to God for the Bible to guide us and teach us.

Thanks be to God for the Holy Spirit to lead us right into His arms.

God makes it possible to literally change our corrupted lives into a model of wholeness, not by our doing but only by His power.  

Your Friend in Christ,

Pastor Greg