February 2024 Message

I’m excited to be the new Transitional Minister at First Christian Church of Haysville, Kansas.  Notice that my title is Transitional Minister, rather than Interim Minister.  There are two reasons for that.  One is that visitors don’t tend to come back when they realize the pastor is interim. Transitional sounds more stable. Plus, the title of Transitional Minister suggests that we are in a process of something new coming about, which is my hope.   

My wife Sally and I have a small farm outside of Clearwater.  We have two grown sons, each with two children. One son, who is married to the daughter of Darrel and Cindy Finch, lives in our back yard.  The other son is a pastor in Keokuk, Iowa.  I served churches in Iowa and for the last 20 plus years in Kansas.  I was in Cheney for 13 years and retired from Pittsburg after 7 years. 

I believe that my call here is to keep the church together and give a sense of moving forward.        

One of my passions is third world ministry.  I go to Nicaragua twice each year to a little upcountry village, where I have been going for the last 17 years. You will hear about this mission and be invited to participate in whatever way that you can.  

It so happens that I am going to Nicaragua this week, returning Feb. 7. When I return, I would like to do some evangelism training and awareness with the church.  For example, we will talk about how we talk about the church, how visitors are welcomed, and how we incorporate visitors into the life of the church. 

My cell phone is 316-833-0948. Please feel free to give me a call. However, please know that because of spam calls that I don’t answer unfamiliar numbers. Leave a message and I will call you back and add you to my contacts. 


Pat Nixon 

Transitional Minister, First Christian Church